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Dr. Ross Blagg: Famous Plastic Surgeon and the Man behind Lyfe in Plastic Productions, an Emerging Production Company


It’s just before sunrise in Austin, TX and Dr. Ross Blagg has already had his cold brew. He is slipping on his cowboy boots and grabbing his bag. Today, he is road-tripping with a friend to ultimately meet an inspirational patient. Dr. Blagg and his buddy will adventure their way to the lucky person, then surprise that person with a plastic surgery procedure. This is Dr. Blagg’s newest project, Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT). This adventurer-turned plastic surgeon created the project in response to COVID-19 shutting down borders. “I usually go overseas for surgical missions, but the pandemic changed that. So, I thought I’d just help people in the US and turn it into an adventure too!” says Dr. Ross regarding the project.

PSRT is currently airing as a docu-series on YouTube and is filmed by Dr. Blagg’s production company, Lyfe in Plastic Productions. “I created Lye in Plastic to create medical documentary style contact. I do think plastic surgery needs a bit of a makeover in the public, and I hope to show a different, more human and story-driven aspect than is often portrayed,” says Blagg. PSRT fuses storytelling, adventure, medical makeovers, and philanthropy. “I’m not really trying to reinvent the wheel; I’m just taking all my favorite wheels and mashing them into one thing,” laughs Blagg. “My hope is that it is something that feels authentic, relevant, and fresh,” he adds.

Dr. Blagg has been doing humanitarian work for many years, having founded Humanitarian Plastic Surgery as a surgical resident. This organization worked to coordinate surgeries for those in developing countries without access to surgical care. He is also an avid SCUBA diver and a rock climber. These hobbies have led him all over the world to pursue adventure. This is a guy who likely has to get creative when coming up with a new place to visit.

PSRT allows him to fuse his career with adventuring in a new way, and he enjoys that others can watch on YouTube to join in on the journeys. After watching, if you feel like joining Dr. Blagg on this trip, you can nominate you or someone you know at the Lyfe in Plastic Productions website. And follow the daily adventures of Dr. Blagg on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.

Dr. Blagg states that his initial interest in medicine likely stemmed from having open heart surgery as an infant. However, as he grew to love art and creativity as a child, he was ultimately led to choose plastic surgery. It seems this creative, adventurous, humanitarian surgeon has no regrets and is right where he is supposed to be. What fun to see what he’ll do next!


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