Content Creator and Business Influencer Jeremy Jenson Inspires People to Turn Challenges into Opportunities


Problems are an inevitable part of life. No matter where you’re born, you will have to face specific challenges to grow in life. Comfort zones are comfortable, as the name suggests, but they can also be detrimental to the growth of an individual. Jeremy Jenson is a content creator, podcast host, and influencer who has built a life around constantly challenging himself to grow.

He is the founder and CEO of Encore Search Partners, the largest privately held Executive Search firm in Houston, Texas–focused on recruiting Wealth Advisors, Attorneys, Engineers, and Corporate Executives, nationwide. Regarded as the G.O.A.T headhunter, Jeremy excels at delegating and elevating people and has become a recognized name in the Houston HR world for empowering capable individuals and facilitating businesses.

Jeremy has never lost the drive to be better despite his remarkable success. He aspires to take his company to new heights to rival the high-rise culture from the TV show Suits. He plans to scale the business by opening a new unit every 18 months and believes that what seems to be a distinguishable feat for many is only the beginning towards new goals.

His attitude to constantly strive to get better has been the main contributor to Jeremy’s inspirational and humbling journey. He was an early achiever despite a rough childhood and an absent father. Witnessing the overflow of emotions around him as his family split and his mother worked tirelessly to raise her two sons as a single parent taught Jeremy tough lessons at a young age.

Against all odds, Jeremy’s resilient approach allowed him to create his destiny by turning challenges into opportunities. As a kid vulnerable to bullies, Jeremy realized he didn’t need to fight when he could just talk his way out of trouble. He learned how to mitigate conflicts and developed the exceptional social skills that make him an icon in the business world and an influential socialite.

With the right mindset and approach, Jeremy claimed the agency of his life and made significant decisions early on. He dropped out of university to pursue a professional career in sales. Based on a self-aware vision and undeniable potential, the decision resulted in great success. At only 21 years of age, Jeremy was Rookie of the Year at Pizza Hut’s Central Region and was the youngest General Manager in the company’s history to claim the award.

Instead of being phased by the challenges he faced at a naive vulnerable age, Jeremy decided to be a learner. He has maintained the child-like curiosity responsible for his success to this day. And is constantly looking for new challenges as a business leader, inspirational content creator, and host of the infamous dating podcast “What Men Want,” bringing unfiltered insights from Houston’s most eligible bachelors (including Jeremy himself).

Alex Galbraith
Alex Galbraith
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