Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacious Wins Miss Universe 2023


A historic moment at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant was held in San Salvador, El Salvador, on November 18, 2023. Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua emerged victorious, securing the desirable title of Miss Universe 2023. This achievement marks a significant landmark as Palacios becomes the first contestant from Nicaragua to claim the Miss Universe crown.

During the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 pageant on November 18, Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua emerged triumphant, who won Miss Universe 2023. The Miss Universe 2023 pageant featured 84 contestants, each displaying elegance in the evening gown, swimsuit, and national costume segments. Palacios, adorned in a striking black ornate costume designed by Jorge Salazar Caliz, drew inspiration from the Nicaraguan Grackle, a native bird symbolizing her country.

Palacios, a 23-year-old TV host and model, stood victorious over powerful competitors, like first runner-up Antonia Porsild from Thailand and second runner-up Moraya Wilson from Australia. The top 10 finalists included Camila Avella from Colombia, Isabella García-Manzo from El Salvador, and Camila Escribens from Peru. Moreover, there were Michelle Dee from the Philippines, Karla Guilfú Acevedo from Puerto Rico, Athenea Pérez as Miss Spain, and Diana Silva from Venezuela.

The most wanted title of Miss Universe 2023 has found its deserving recipient in Miss Nicaragua. The announcement was made on a thrilling evening of competition at the José Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, El Salvador.

In a moment of anticipation, the spotlight focused on the final contestants, Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, and Miss Thailand, Antonia Porsild. With hands clasped together, they stood on stage amid a suspenseful darkness before the big reveal.

An evident silence enveloped the venue as both contestants closed their eyes, awaiting the decisive moment. Finally, breaking the tension, a voice echoed, which declared the triumph of “Nicaragua!” The declaration marked the climax of an exciting competition, solidifying Sheynnis Palacios as the new Miss Universe 2023.

Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel, a former Miss USA, presented the crowning moment. Miss Universe 2023 winner Miss Palacios expressed her gratitude on Instagram. Palacios dedicated her triumph to her inner child and all ambitious girls with big dreams. Her heartfelt message highlighted the importance of dreaming beyond sensed limits and encouraged others to pursue their goals with determination, persistence, and passion.

Before the final event, Miss Universe 2023 shared her excitement to fulfill a childhood dream to participate in the global competition. She expressed gratitude to her homeland, Nicaragua, for allowing her to be an ambassador of its culture, landscapes, and identity. 

Palacios proudly declared her desire to showcase Nicaragua’s beauty internationally. Miss Congeniality is on her way to proving that her country is packed with mighty dreams regardless of size.

Despite her insignificant roots, Sheynnis Palacios depicted her beauty and pride in representing Nicaragua on the universal stage. The 72nd Miss Universe 2023 winner title is a personal victory for Sheynnis Palacios. Furthermore, being a 72nd Miss Universe pageant is a historic triumph for her country, marking a momentous occasion in beauty pageants.

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