Kate Mckinnon Brings Laughter To SNL With Classic “Whiskers R We” Sketch, Joined By Billie Eilish


Kate McKinnon, known for her 11-year stint on Saturday Night Live (SNL), returned to the iconic late-night show as its host, treating fans to a familiar delight. Making a comeback, McKinnon revived her beloved character, Barbara DeDrew, in the recurring “Whiskers R We” sketch. This time, she enlisted the musical prowess of Billie Eilish, the episode’s guest, to join in the feline-filled fun, playing the role of Paw-bree Hep-Purrn.

Billie Eilish graced the Saturday Night Live stage for the third time, treating the audience to a performance of her track “What Was I Made For?” from the Barbie the Album. Accompanied by her brother Finneas on piano, the song was introduced by director Greta Gerwig and host Kate McKinnon. The evening also saw Eilish covering Judy Garland’s classic holiday tune “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

In addition to her musical contributions, Billie Eilish showcased her versatility by participating in two sketches. One, titled “Tampon Farm,” featured her in a folky musical setting, while the other, “Whiskers R We,” had her and McKinnon running a cat shelter with matching glasses and perms.

The sketch, a whimsical exploration of cat adoption, added a festive touch with its “Holiday Cat-tacular” theme. Packed with puns, the duo showcased various cats up for adoption while weaving in playful banter and, in classic SNL fashion, a sprinkle of cheeky innuendos.

What sets “Whiskers R We” apart is its unpredictability, as the feline co-stars often veer off script, leading to genuine on-air laughter. McKinnon and Eilish skillfully navigate the spontaneous antics of their furry companions, creating a delightful and humorous atmosphere that captivates the audience.

Billie Eilish’s appearance on SNL follows recent visits by Olivia Rodrigo, Noah Kahan, Tate McRae, and Boygenius. Notably, Eilish previously graced the SNL stage in 2021, where she took on the roles of both host and musical guest. Her SNL debut took place in 2019 alongside host Woody Harrelson.

The spotlight on “What Was I Made For?” continues to shine as the song garners recognition. Nominated for five awards at the upcoming 2024 Grammys, including Song of the Year and Best Music Video, the track has also earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Song for a Motion Picture.

For those who missed the laughter or want to relive the hilarity, the entire “Whiskers R We” sketch can be enjoyed in the video above. McKinnon’s return to SNL and Billie Eilish’s musical charm made for an unforgettable night of entertainment.

As SNL continues to showcase its timeless sketches and bring back fan-favourite characters, the recent episode proves McKinnon’s comedic genius is as sharp as ever. With “Whiskers R We,” she once again demonstrated her ability to infuse humour into the holiday season, leaving viewers in stitches and eagerly anticipating her next comedic venture on the SNL stage.

During her SNL performance of “What Was I Made For?,” Billie Eilish took centre stage amidst a montage featuring past and present Saturday Night Live cast members. The anticipation for her Grammy succ

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