Google Flights Unveils Innovative Features For Savvy Travelers


From the robust features of Google Flights and ITA Matrix to the ingenious tricks shared on TikTok, travelers now have a multitude of options to save on their next adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a novice wanderer, these resources can help you secure the best airfare deals and make your travel dreams a reality.

Google Flights has a tool that can help travelers determine if they are getting a good price for their airline ticket. By entering the details of their trip, users can see how reasonable current prices are on a sliding scale. The tool also provides a graph of the last 60 days of prices and information on when flights are likely to be cheapest.

ITA Matrix is a powerful flight search engine that was developed by computer scientists at MIT in 1996 and was later acquired by Google in 2011. It is the resource that powers Google Flights and is also used by other search engines like Kayak and Orbitz. While the ITA Matrix can be cumbersome to use, it offers valuable features for travelers who need to book complex itineraries or have specific preferences for airlines, airports, and flight details. Users can input basic information like origin and destination cities, travel dates, and flight type.

Advanced controls allow for more specific searches using routing codes and extension codes to filter search results. However, flights cannot be booked directly through ITA Matrix, so users must take the flight information to another website for booking. Tips for using ITA Matrix include expanding the airport search to uncover cheaper flight options, using advanced routing codes for customization, utilizing the multi-city search feature for more complex itineraries, and using the BookWithMatrix site for booking complicated itineraries.

A travel influencer on TikTok has shared a Google flight hack that has gone viral. The influencer discovered a little-known cheat code to find the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world. The hack involves searching for “Google Flights,” typing in the departure destination and typing “anywhere” as the destination. Leaving the departure and return dates blank and hitting explore will bring up a list of destinations with the cheapest airfares. The influencer was amazed by the low prices, with flights as cheap as £26 ($31) return to Barcelona and £54 ($65) to Budapest. Some users suggested searching in incognito mode for even cheaper prices. The hack was met with excitement, but some users pointed out that the flight times were not always convenient. Other users mentioned that Skyscanner and Kayak also have similar features for finding cheap flights.

Google Flights

A travel blogger on TikTok named @Ralph_Travels has shared a money-saving hack to save more than 40% on flights to South East Asia from London. He suggests changing your route by flying from London to Athens and then continuing on to Singapore. Flights from London to Athens can be found for as little as £18, while the Athens to Singapore leg is available for £176. This brings the total cost of both flights to just £194, compared to the cheapest direct flight from London to Singapore at £494. Ralph also mentions that Singapore is a great stop-off point for other destinations in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The travel blogger also shares a tip on how to fly to Milan for around £12 this month. He recommends searching for London to Milan flights in October to find inexpensive options. By booking cheap flights and spending a few nights in Milan, he believes you can have a great trip for under £150.


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