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Freedom Educator Charles Thompson Shares Tips as an Instagram Influencer


Influencing has become one of the most common professions. Influencers from all over the world create content not only to entertain but also to mentor or educate their followers about a certain field. Charles Thompson is a freedom educator and influencer who mentors people on leadership and freedom. His academy ThreeToFree, Freedom Academy, is a virtual space to help beginners and inexperienced people to achieve freedom.

Charles Thompson is a name well-known for coaching people on finding their freedom. He worked hard to achieve the freedom he has today because of dedication and focus. For him, freedom is the way to live a fulfilling life.

Charles has many achievements as he has taken various leadership roles in large companies. He is an experienced Instagram influencer who creates engaging content for his followers.

If you want to become an Instagram influencer, here are some tips by Charles:

  1. Engagement is Important

Instagram influencing is all about engagement with the audience. An Instagram influencer doesn’t merely post content, but they are supposed to interact with their followers to increase engagement on the post.

Charles advises that the more you engage, the more popularity you gain over time. You can engage by replying to comments, doing Q/A sessions, or creating special content that followers ask for.

  1. Do Brand Collaborations

Popular influencers always collaborate with brands that are in their niche. But if you get to collaborate with some brand that is out of your niche, you should still do it.

Charles says as a beginner influencer; you need to take all kinds of brand collaborations because you need popularity. You can always promote a brand by aligning with your passion.

To do a brand collaboration, you have to reach out to brands yourself and present your portfolio to be chosen. Once you are successful in representing one, you can get more.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are often misused by influencers and that hinders their popularity. Instagram has a feature to follow hashtags, and all posts related to that hashtag appear on their feed. You have to include the most common hashtags related to the niche you’re targeting on the posts to gain an audience.

Charles believes that even if you have no online presence or popularity before becoming an influencer, you can gain it through hashtags. You can invent your own but post it with the common hashtag to gain viewers on your post.

  1. Be Inspirational

Narrate your life story and professional career to authenticate you as an expert. Inspiration comes from the words you choose and how you grab their attention. Your content should be inspirational enough to move people.

Like Charles has inspired many to achieve freedom through his platform, influencers should also inspire people with their engaging content.


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