Federal Inmate John Turscak Charged With Attempted Murder For Allegedly Stabbing Derek Chauvin


A recent development emerged from Tucson, Arizona. John Turscak, a 52-year-old federal inmate, faced a serious attempted murder charge and assault against Derek Chauvin. He is the former Minneapolis police officer convicted in the George Floyd case. 

The United States Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint on December 1, 2023. Turscak was accused of stabbing. The incident occurred at the Federal Correctional Institution Tucson.

The complaint alleges that Turscak, while incarcerated, used an improvised knife to stab Chauvin approximately 22 times. In the legal paperwork, Derek Chauvin, referred to as “D.C.,” had prior encounters with federal charges in an alternate district. This occurrence has sparked notable apprehensions. 

Nevertheless, it’s imperative to emphasize that the filing of a criminal complaint does not imply culpability. The foundational principle of law presumes innocence for every individual until established guilty in a court of law.

There are multiple charges pressed against Turscak. The allegations include attempted murder, planning to commit murder, brandishing a dangerous weapon, and inflicting significant bodily harm through an assault. If convicted, potential penalties may include a maximum of 20 years’ incarceration for attempted murder charges and premeditated murder intent. Simultaneously, a 10-year term could be imposed for employing a dangerous weapon and causing severe bodily injury via assault.

Turscak’s background as an ex-gang member has been highlighted in the case. He allegedly targeted Chauvin, a high-profile inmate, after contemplating the assault for approximately one month. According to post-Miranda interview reports with FBI agents, Turscak stated that the attack on Chauvin carried out on Black Friday was symbolic. It was associated with both the Black Lives Matter movement and the “Black Hand” symbol linked with the Mexican Mafia.

John Turscak‘s history as a former member of the Mexican Mafia prison gang and his involvement in criminal activities surfaced during investigations. Court documents revealed his past admission to joining the gang in 1990. After assisting the FBI as an informant, he was sentenced to a 30-year prison term for his involvement in gang-related activities. This happened after the lead-up of charges against Mexican Mafia members in 1999.

Meanwhile, Derek Chauvin, recuperating in the hospital post-assault, was reported to be in stable condition as per the latest updates. He has been serving concurrent state and federal sentences at the Federal Correctional Institution Tucson, linked to the George Floyd case—a pivotal event that sparked widespread protests and heightened conversations regarding racial injustice and police brutality.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spearheaded the inquiry into this incident, while the legal proceedings have been managed by the United States Attorney’s Office in the District of Arizona, Tucson. This occurrence sheds light on the intricacies and security complexities entrenched within the federal prison system.

They particularly concern high-profile inmates. The legal proceedings will continue as the case unfolds. They would shed light on the events leading up to this violent encounter between John Turscak and Derek Chauvin in federal custody.

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