Dan Levy’s Emotional Journey: Good Grief Trailer Reveals Loss And Life After ‘Schitt’s Creek’


In the wake of the widely acclaimed series Schitt’s Creek,” Dan Levy, the co-creator, producer, and star, embarks on a poignant cinematic journey with his emotional first feature film, “Good Grief.” The trailer for this much-anticipated movie has recently surfaced, shedding light on a narrative that delves into the depths of loss, grief, and life’s intricate emotions.

Marking Levy’s directorial debut in feature films, “Good Grief” holds significant weight not only as a continuation of Levy’s creative endeavors post-Schitt’s Creek but also for its exploration of profound human experiences that touch us all.

The film introduces audiences to Marc Dreyfus, portrayed by Dan Levy himself, who grapples with the sudden and heart-wrenching loss of his husband, Oliver, played by Luke Evans. This emotional turmoil becomes the fulcrum around which the story revolves. Marc, a bereaved widower, finds himself in an unfamiliar terrain of grief, compelled to confront the profound anguish caused by Oliver’s unexpected departure.

The narrative takes an evocative turn as Marc, accompanied by his closest confidants, Sophie (Ruth Negga) and Thomas (Himesh Patel), embarks on a soul-stirring journey to Paris. Beyond the city’s scenic beauty, it’s a voyage through the complexities of loss, friendship, and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity.

But “Good Grief” doesn’t simply trace the contours of Marc’s immediate sorrow. It delicately peels back layers of suppressed emotions, revealing the lingering grief Marc has harbored over his mother’s passing, adding another dimension to his personal journey of healing.

In Levy’s own words, “Good Grief” is not just a film; it’s a cautionary tale, an amalgamation of humor and bittersweet moments intertwined with the messy truth of grief and the evasion of one’s past. It’s a project deeply personal to Levy, one that has aided him in navigating his own emotional turmoil, and he hopes it resonates with audiences, offering solace and understanding to those grappling with similar emotions.

The film is a collaborative effort produced by Levy himself alongside Megan Zehmer, Debra Hayward, and Kate Fenske. Notably, Stacey Snider and Caroline Levy are executive producers contributing to the film’s creative vision and execution.

“Good Grief” is slated for a dual release, hitting select theaters on December 29, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the cinematic experience. Following this, the movie will make its debut on the widely accessible Netflix platform on January 5, 2024, ensuring its accessibility to a global audience.

As the trailer for Good Grief unfolds, it becomes evident that Levy’s directorial debut is set to deliver a compelling narrative, offering viewers an emotionally charged yet relatable story. With its exploration of grief, friendship, and self-discovery, this film is a testament to Levy’s creative versatility beyond the realms of “Schitt’s Creek.”

Good Grief” promises to be a captivating journey into the human heart, inviting audiences to navigate the labyrinth of emotions alongside a character grappling with loss, life, and the profound meaning of it all.

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