Romantic Revelations In The Aristocratic Circles: Sophie Turner And Viscount Perry Pearson


In the world of aristocracy, love and relationships are often under the spotlight, and the latest revelation involves the Hon Peregrine ‘Perry’ Pearson, the heir to the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex and the 4th Viscount title. Perry, formerly linked to Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece, has been making headlines with a new romantic interest – none other than Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who is currently going through a divorce with her popstar husband, Joe Jonas.

Reports suggest that Perry and Sophie were recently photographed sharing an affectionate moment outside the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris. Dressed in stylish long dark coats, sunglasses, and hats, the pair were reportedly seen ‘chatting and laughing a lot.’ Witnesses mentioned that they arrived together at the chauffeur pick-up location, and in a candid moment, Perry removed his hat and leaned in for a kiss before parting ways.

The couple’s identities were not immediately clear in the photograph, but Sophie Turner, recognizable by her long blonde hair, was seen beneath a red baseball cap. She complemented her look with patent leather loafers and a teal crossbody Louis Vuitton bag. Perry, on the other hand, sported Adidas sneakers and a brown scarf.

Their meeting in Paris adds intrigue to their budding relationship. While Sophie follows Perry on Instagram, the extent of their closeness has not been widely known. It’s worth noting that Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner on September 1, citing that their marriage was ‘irretrievably broken.’ Since then, people have spotted the actress enjoying her time with friends, including Taylor Swift, at a Kansas City Chiefs game alongside Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. In parallel, Joe Jonas, who is 34, was seen taking his two children, Willa and Delphine, for a Halloween excursion in New York.

With these recent developments, Perry Pearson has reportedly returned to his home in Chelsea. When asked for a comment on the situation, a representative at the property stated, ‘he doesn’t want to comment on anything.’

It’s worth mentioning that Perry’s former girlfriend, Princess Maria-Olympia, is a notable figure in her own right as the goddaughter of King Charles. In another intriguing twist, Maria-Olympia’s brother, Prince Constantine-Alexios, is reportedly romantically involved with the well-known model Poppy Delevingne.

Perry Pearson
Perry Pearson

In high society, such romantic entanglements often capture the public’s imagination, and this latest rendezvous between Perry Pearson and Sophie Turner is no exception. As the story unfolds, it will continue captivating the curiosity of those who follow the lives and loves of the aristocracy.

Peregrine ‘Perry’ Pearson, the Hon, and heir to the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex, has recently made headlines with his romantic involvement with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. While known for his aristocratic background, Perry’s personal life has become a subject of public interest, particularly due to his previous association with Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece. With the evolving dynamics of his relationships, Perry Pearson has found himself in the spotlight of high society’s romantic narratives.


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