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Sewage issues are one of the commonest issues that residents in Sao Paulo face. This requires them to have proper diagnosis and repair of sewer issues.

Sewage issues are one of the commonest issues that residents in Sao Paulo face. This requires them to have proper diagnosis and repair of sewer issues. In this article, learn about the reasons that would lead to a sewage backup.

A Clog

Just like drain pipes, your central sewer line can even get clogged. It can result in sewage backup. A clog in your drain can be the issue behind experiencing problems in your toilet, tub or sink.

There can be a possibility that there is a blockage present in your central sewer line. If this is the issue that you are suffering from, then most of these sewer clogs can get easily prevented with the help of proper use of drains and its regular maintenance.

Dezjato Desentupidora SP attends to the neighborhoods by offering them services such as cleaning, drainage of ramal sewers, detachment of toilets, tanks and sinks, predial columns and clearance of rainwater. It is the leading company for prevention or repair of sewer issues of a home.

Some of the important tips have been mentioned below that ensure clean sewer line.

  • Don’t think toilet as any “wastebasket”. Many people flush napkins, facial tissues, diapers and other types of waste materials in the toilet that clogs it.
  • Use the garbage disposal in an intelligent way. Avoid dumping enormous quantities of materials in your garbage disposal. There is a possibility that all of it gets lodged in the sewer line.
  • Don’t pour any grease down the drain. Fat and grease, are both liquids that when gets poured into the drain, gets harden within the plumbing. It can collect debris as well as create a clog.

Tree Roots

Another common reason that leads to residential sewer backups is “tree roots”. This can happen when the area lying above the sewer line is covered with trees, or any roots cropping from your neighboring yard.

Both of them can be the cause of a sewer problem. Roots of the tree can grow into sewer pipes. This can cause blockages and holes in the sewer line or may wrap around it and even damage it.

Collapsed or Broken Sewer Lines

Another issue that a homeowner in Sao Paolo faces in their sewer line is that it has become older, and shows signs of cracks, collapse, or breakage. This issue is seen mostly in sewer lines made of clay and cast iron.

To save from these consequences, most of the people are now using sewer lines made from plastic material. A good quality sewer line, made from plastic reduces possibilities of break in it and last for a longer time easily.


These are commonest forms of sewer issues that people face in their daily life. It is advised not to treat sewer line with cheap, chemical prone and easy fix as it can damage the sewer and plumbing pipes. This will, in turn, result in costly repair.

Always get your home sewer and plumbing line diagnosed, and repaired by licensed and professional plumbers. They use simple, affordable and safe treatment options that use enzymes in place of strong chemicals.