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Frequent flyers are frazzled and tired, and they’re deanding more from the airports they use. Here are 14 amenties they want to see.

Every frequent flyer these days, and even the un-frequent ones, knows that flying is a major hassle. It’s in the best interest of airlines and the airports that serve them to make the experience as pleasant as possible. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is with airport amenities and services. Flyers are tired, often frustrated and ill-tempered, and embarrassed and unnerved by intrusive security measures. And then they have to face the prospect of long waits in the airport. It’s bad enough to make some people swear off flying commercially at all if they don’t absolutely have to. And the ones that do have to are even more flustered. So those airports that offer features that enhance comfort and convenience to flyers will have happy, relaxed customers, fewer complaints, and increased profits. What are some of the amenities flyers value the most?

  • A variety of lounges. This is probably the most important feature. There should be a lounge to cater to the tastes of everyone, from first-class to business-class, the coffee and tea drinker, and the spirits aficionado. And of course great food.
  • Free Wi-Fi. This is almost a given nowadays with the proliferation of mobile devices, and they need plenty of plug-ins for charging them. Newly available services like an IPTV Subscription and other streaming platforms are providing travelers with entertainment options that simply weren’t available just a few years ago, and they want to be able to access them.
  • A good selection of traditional printed newspapers, magazines, and books for those who would like to get away from the tech for a while.
  • Access to clean, private showers. This will be greatly appreciated by those on long flights.
  • Access to clean, private beds. See above.
  • Spa and beauty services. Nothing will make the female flyer, and some males, feel more pampered and relaxed on a long layover.
  • Quiet rest areas. A place to get away from cell phones and kids to work or just relax and read.
  • Fun and safe play areas for kids. Distracting enough to give a frazzled parent a well-deserved break. Preferably enclosed or in an area where the tykes won’t bother other travelers.
  • Easy access to flight information in all areas, frequently updated and always accurate.
  • Casino areas with slot machines and games.
  • Luxury shops. No better way to kill time than shopping.
  • Putting greens. The Hong Kong Airport even has a 9-hole pro golf course.
  • Pet Playgrounds. The government now requires airports to offer areas for pets, so why not offer them some fun too?
  • Live entertainment. Whether a stand-up comedian or a string quartet, many flyers will appreciate this feature.

Airports around the world are trending towards offering these types of high-class amenities, and the airport that wishes to be competitive would do well to consider offering them too.