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Via ACCESSWIRE — Real Estate email marketing has become a staple strategy used by many real estate companies, and for a good reason.

Email marketing, when done right, has proven to be a cost-effective way of reaching a target audience because emails are a part of our work and private lives. The one big challenge with email marketing is getting people to open your email and read the contents. Many people already receive tens or even hundreds of emails daily, and this has forced many to determine the importance of email before opening quickly. Your email subject line is the most critical piece that gets your message read or not.

Let’s look at the top ten email subject lines and why they work very well in Real Estate marketing to get your email read by your target audience.

1. List Email Subject Lines

We’re all familiar with articles that list things, solutions, places, people, etc. Here are some examples:

> 10 Best Neighborhoods For Young Families
> 5 Reasons To Refinance Your Home Now
> 7 Top Home Builders In The State

List email subject lines work very well because they provide a summary of the information we’d like to know. Lists also require less commitment because you can easily scan the information without reading the whole email content.

2. How-To Email Subject Lines

How-to email subject lines work well when you present information that the target audience would be interested in. That’s why it’s important to know the demographics of your target audience. How-to subject lines can take many formats, including How To Make, How To Get, Learn How To or How To Use. How-To subject lines work because deep down we have need to know and the fact that not knowing something means that we’re missing out on what that knowledge provides.

3. [Name] Suggested I Reach Out Email Lines

Another great type of email subject lines is where you use the Name of an acquaintance in the email subject line. This works great in cases where you got the referral from a friend or family member of this contact.

The [Name] email subject line works simply because we tend to recognize emails that have a personal connection, especially when the personal connection is of people we trust or admire. By associating your email with a person they know, your prospect extends some trust to you and warms up to your email.

4. News Email Subject Lines

News-related subject lines have very high open rates. Examples of news-related email subject lines include:

> New Highway Development Announced In…
> Congress Approves Tax Incentives For Homeowners

News email subject lines work well because of the fear of missing out. People fear missing out on important news so they’ll open your email to get that information.

5. Urgency Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines with an urgency keyword will always get people’s attention. People like to wait till the very last minute to respond to offers then freak out if they miss it. By using an urgency email subject line, you’ll be able to catch the user’s attention and get them to open the email. Just make sure you’re not creating urgency where there isn’t one to avoid being blocked or marked as spam.
You can use urgency keywords such as “ending tonight,” “last chance to,” “this weekend only” and “closes in 24 hours”. These keywords create anxiety that causes people to want to find out more.

6. Testimonial Email Subject Lines

Testimonials are a powerful sales tool, and using them in a subject line makes users want to read more. Here are a couple of testimonial-related email subject lines:

> How the Seinfelds sold their house in 3 days
> George couldn’t find a buyer for his house until he changed one thing

This type of email subject line works well because it connects with people having similar situations and offers validation that you can provide a solution to the issue they’re currently having.

7. Question Email Subject Lines

Using the right questions in a subject line can produce fantastic results for your open email rate. Questions beg for an answer so when a user reads your question subject line they’ll have to pose and reflect on the question.
The way you frame the question determines the curiosity it piques. Here are a few examples of how to start your questions:

> Do you know…
> Who else…
> Do you think…
> How do you…
> Would you…

8. Controversy Email Subject Lines

A little controversy can lead to a surge in email open rate because it is unexpected. Think about it: when everyone is saying the same thing, it’s easy just to be another salesperson in a sea of salespeople. Email subject lines that go against the grain grab attention, causing users to want to know more. A few examples of this type of email subject line include:

> Your home is not an investment unless you do this…
> Most homes lose value…
> The secret landlords don’t want you to know…

9. Action Verb Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines with an action verb tend to do better than those without. The action verb tells the user how to engage with your email or what’s expected for them. Instead of hiding your intentions in the email, you can tell users how they should respond, making it easier for them to make a decision.

10. Benefit Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines that state what benefits you offer work well because there’s something in store for the user reading the email. Benefits paint a clear picture of what your client will experience when they consume your product or service. Stating benefits allows you to connect with the very needs that your users are struggling with.


Great email subject lines will lead to higher email open rates, so you want to give it some thought. Refer to the best real estate subject lines that we’ve shared above as you craft your next subject line. You can put together 2 of 3 ideas to form a powerful subject line.

What’s your favorite email subject line? Please share your best lines in the comments section below.