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New traders can find investing in option trading little intimidating. Once investing was very simple concept, where investors chose and stuck to a couple of companies. Today, it has become intricate and includes new currency forms. In this fast-paced digital marketing era, to indulge in trading seems a bit nerve-wracking.

Investors need to learn all the ins and outs of options trading. Fortunately, there are plethora of sources available on the internet. They can sharpen their skills to handle their risks and profits. Obviously, if they are not smart and cautious there can be significant losses. Besides learning and understanding how option trade market moves, it is necessary to choose a broker that supports options. Every brokerage platform has their benefits and drawbacks, therefore determine your needs before getting started.

For example, if you are a newbie then give priority to features like comprehensive glossaries, basic educational resources, ability to practice virtual trade, and access to customer support.

After deciding your needs apply some severe selection criteria.

Criteria to choose a trading platform

  1. Reliability

A good trading platform offers reliability to trade as well as reliability on deposits and withdrawals. It is necessary to make profits on the investment you make on good trades.

  1. License

In several jurisdiction, different types of licenses are offered. Moreover, there are platforms that use multiple licenses. This makes it hard to locate the right brokerage. A platform that has a license from a monetary authorized jurisdiction, where trades, funds, deposits and withdrawals are watched closely is great.

  1. Charges

Platform charges also need to be considered as they eat your profits, if the percentage is more, especially when your trading style is scalping [your profits never increase as expected]. Even find out the minimum deposit necessary to open a trade account.

  1. User friendly interface

The platform has to be comfortable to perform trades daily. Every feature needs to be easy to understand and implement. Therefore, visit the platform and determine, if you are comfortable with it or not. Remember, you will need to do a detailed study of the chosen platform to take full advantage of the given features. Even check the graphics and the technical tools offered.

  1. Basic features

As a beginner start with simple platform, so you can learn quickly and show progress in a short time. You can upgrade additional functionalities and features in future. Advanced platform is great for seasoned traders, who make use of every feature in real time. As a newbie, this can complicate your trading experience. Be satisfied with a platform having basic functionalities.

  1. Margin and leverage

Margin trading offers you leverage on your investment size. For example, if you wish to invest $2,000 cash [brokerage offers margin loan of 50%] and use the margin loan then you can buy [even short-sell] extra $2,000 worth shares. Thus, your total investment is $4,000. Therefore, how much margin the platform offers need to be considered. However, you will need to learn margin maintenance.

  1. Security

How well will the online brokerage platform help you in terms of security? Check if they have two-factor verification process and what technology they apply to keep their customers trading account safe. Make sure they don’t sell customer details to 3rd parties like advertisers.